According to Forbes, one of the largest factors of work-related well-being is the physical workspace itself. The idea that an employee’s office space directly impacts their productivity, performance and overall well-being is not new but has been observed on a much deeper level than years past revealing just how important a nice workplace is. In addition to how an office space can make employees feel, the space can also affect clients and their trust in you and the work you are providing them. Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 people are visually influenced when making a decision or purchase. This means the look of your office space directly impacts your ability to secure, or lose, clients and their business. Second Mile Painting LLC., a Portland, Oregon based painting contractor, has now expanded its list of services to include commercial office painting.  

The painting professionals at Second Mile know that the way an office looks determines how it feels and can have a drastic effect on you, your employees, clients, and others that come to visit your space. Fresh, clean, and undamaged walls are the starting point of an office, showing that the office is considerate about details giving customers the confidence that they are working with a company that cares. Over time, unmaintained walls begin to show signs of wear and tear, fade, or colors simply go out of style. Second Mile Painting knows that repainting can be a troublesome, expensive process but the specialty contractors offer an affordable, less disruptive solution. They offer new, and existing office space painting that is budget conscious and scheduled in progressions in order to minimize any disruptions that office updates can bring. Their process is clean, thorough and absolutely dust and odor-free. 

Based in Portland, Oregon and serving surrounding areas, the professional painting company prides itself on providing fair pricing, exceptional quality and unmatched customer service on every job, every time. When choosing Second Mile Painting to complete your job, you can guarantee they are working with you, and your time, in mind. Hiring on the best painters, they are committed to operating as a space-efficient painting company that pairs extensive daily clean up, with the least invasive painting process in the entire industry. Second Mile offers free consultations and estimates for those interested in their painting services. If you would like to learn more about Second Mile, or their commercial and residential services, visit their website here: