Commercial Office Painting Service in Portland, OR The way an office looks determines the way it feels and can have a drastic effect on you and your employees not to mention clients that come to visit. Fresh, clean and undamaged walls give off a confident feeling as they show that the office space cares about […]


Expert Painting Solutions Second Mile Painting is proud to offer painting services to commercial retail owners in the Portland area. We understand that when business owners need painting work done, they need it done properly and they need it done quickly as not to disrupt the day to day of business in the location. Our […]

Exterior Repaint

Expert Exterior Painting Solutions Every house we paint we treat as our own. Second Mile Painting recognizes that each home, no matter the condition; can be looking fresh and clean with proper exterior painting. We recognize that homeowners and business owners are looking to hire honest painters who will do a great job at a […]

Pressure Washing

Expert Pressure Washing Living in the Portland metro area we never let a clear and sunny day go wasted. Whether its taking a walk through the neighborhood or making good use of your deck to enjoy a meal outdoors, we enjoy it all! Second Mile offers professional pressure washing services to get your home looking […]

Interior Repaints

Interior Repaints Second Mile Painting understands how crucial customer service is in the residential interior painting industry. With every aspect of painting our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and absolutely exceptional results. We treat every one of our clients like family and treat projects individually and will determine a custom approach […]


Cabinet Painting Experts Second Mile knows cabinets best. We’ve been revitalizing old tired cabinets in the Portland area for years on end and we’ll continue to do so. Whether you’re looking to paint newly installed cabinets, bookshelves, desks or mantles or giving your existing cabinets new life with a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got […]