Small Steps to Improving Your Curb Appeal

Springtime is here and you’re looking at your home with mixed feelings. On one hand, when you look at your home you remember when you first bought the home. The excitement of having a place that’s all yours in a sought after Portland neighborhood. You remember the kids running around the property and all the times you fired up the grill and had your friends and neighbors over.

Now, when you walk around the home you’ve developed a new feeling. All the plants you planted and nurtured have grown and while they look beautiful in bloom, for the rest of the year they intrude onto your house. Dirt has been kicked up from severals years of rain and wind and at least two of the four sides of the house have been beat down by the sun so badly they have faded severely and look like they were painted a completely different color from the rest of the home.

Let’s face it, it’s time to do what needs to be done. A long overdue curb appeal renovation.

Here’s the good news! It’s not as daunting as it might seem. Plants can be cut back with relative ease. Even hiring a landscaper to do it for you won’t cost you an arm and a leg. That dirt thats been moved so far out of place by the winter rain can be replaced with some fresh soil or bark dust. The areas where your plans grew directly on the house surface may look pretty far gone, but it’s nothing a pressure washer and a scrapper can’t undo. Those drive ways that look so dark and dirty from all the years can be looking brand new with an afternoon and a pressure washer.

Of course, this is where I make the case for getting your house painted. I can tell you the obvious things like the fact that getting your house painted significantly increases it’s curb appeal, raises it’s resale value and even helps raise your neighbors house values. I can tell you that getting your house repainted means a fresh surface, sharp and clean trim and new caulking to stop water coming into your siding. Nowadays with a good contractors discount you can even get premium paint at a low price and your home will look fresh even 7-10 years later.

Of course, you don’t need to hire us. If we’re honest, there are a lot of good painters in Portland. However, please do your due diligence because unfortunately there are much more bad painters than good painters. There’s a proper way to paint a house and that’s with experience and dedication to getting the details right and when it comes to exteriors, short cuts can mean your house looks weathered within a measly 2 years.

You should get your exterior in order and you should hire a professional to paint your house. With the housing market so hot, you can be confident that if you ever wanted to sell you would get top dollar for your property. Think of it as just another way you made the world a better place.

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