Top Interior Paint Colors of 2019

10 Best Interior Paint Colors for 2019

As it is every year, trends are constantly changing—sometimes faster than we can keep up. Portland is definitely no exception, as it is one of the nation’s leaders in residential painting and interior design. The growing popularity of tv shows on HGTV and other channels, as well as websites such as Pinterest have fed people’s desire to keep up with trending culture. Back in the day, before the times of social media, the main people who laid eyes on your house were limited to family, close friends, and maybe a stranger or two—and generally only the rich and elite tended to care as much about popular trends in home interior. In today’s day and age, where nearly everyone is socially connected online, having photo-worthy homes to boast is something we all crave. I mean, who wants a selfie with a backdrop of an outdated bedroom or living room—and (gasp) the bathroom mirror!

Painting Tips

Obviously as a painting company, we’d love to handle all of your painting needs. We’re professionals after all and we’re one of the most detailed painting companies in the industry. However we know that sometimes a painting project can be fun and if you’re set on doing some painting yourself, there’s a few tips we can offer.

1. When considering which color that is right for your room, repainting with similar or darker colors will reduce the chances that you will have to waste extra time and money by applying additional coats. Using premium paint will also boost the coverage you are able to achieve often times making it possible to repaint with a single coat! This is a game changer if you’re short on time and/or cash.

2. Make sure you have some drop cloths before you start painting! Unless you’re planning on doing a lot of painting in the future, spending a bunch of money on drops doesn’t make any sense. When I first started painting and my budget for tools and equipment was very tight, I was able to buy cheap canvas curtains for about $10 to use as drop cloths. They worked great for a project or two!

3. Unless you have years of painting experience, getting sharp cutting lines will be very difficult. Even the steadiest hands will start to grow weak after an hour or two of painting. To ensure clean cut lines, use blue painters tape to create cut lines on the ceiling and on trim. Make sure you pull off the tape right after painting that way you can clean off any paint that leaked underneath the tape easily.

Things to Consider

No matter what the list says, you will always need to consider your needs when choosing the perfect color for your interior paint project. Where do you live? What wall textures do you have? What look are you going for? For instance, if you want to have a nice, inviting home, you may not want to choose a stark white for the entryway; however, if you are looking for a “beachy” or super trendy feel, some white might just be a color for you. These are some things to take into consideration. You can give us a call and we can schedule a designer to come give you a quick consultation and get you heading on the right track.

Best Interior Paint Colors

So, what are the best colors to give your home a new look? Knowing the top ten best interior paint colors for 2019 will put you a step ahead of the rest. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so every persons tastes are unique. But for a helpful nudge we’ve compiled these opinions taken from three of the top most-trusted paint companies in the nation.

Benjamin Moore’s top three colors

Benjamin Moore’s top three colors are classy and would fit almost anyone’s needs in any home across America. We paint Benjamin Moore colors all day long! Benjamin Moore says:

Head Over Heels

A beautiful color combination that resembles a somewhat peachy color, Benjamin Moore’s Head Over Heels would look welcoming in any room of your house. With a hint of sunset and a lot of warmth, it’s a color anyone could fall “head-over-heels” in love with.

Cloud White

Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White offers a relaxing, off-white color that would keep your room bright without giving a stark feel. This would also make an excellent color for touch-ups and accent walls.

Decorator’s White

Being a soothing blue-gray undertone, Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White would be perfect for your bathroom or bedroom renovation. Gray hues have been popular for some time, and definitely give an elegant look.

Decorators White pictured in wall color.

For more Benjamin Moore colors, please visit their website here.

Top Colors from Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams has come up with a grouping of colors that have the versatility in decorating your home to either complement each other or stand alone. Taken from their 2019 forecast group, Shapeshifter, Sherwin-Williams’ list includes:

Blue Sky 

This color looks like its name. Sherwin-William’s Blue Sky reminds me of freedom and happiness. The light-heartedness of this color would make it a great color to have in a kitchen or dining room to add a pop to your home.


A soft pastel, this Sherwin-William color is a warm purple that seems very inviting. Colors like this are perfect for a formal dining room and add a possible conversation piece to the room.


Sherwin-William’s Nugget displays the power of color. This orange-yellow hue is really fashionable and trendy; it would be perfect for a living room or dining room color. This is also commonly a favorite color for accents in a room.

You can find more sherwin williams colors here.

Valspar’s Top 2019 Colors

With a few bolder colors, Valspar’s 2019 Colors of the Year are ideal for those who are a little more daring than the rest.

Wishing Well

This bold hue is a beautifully sophisticated color for you home. An ocean blue color that can make a statement, this color could be perfect almost any room in your home. Blues are known for their calming properties as well, so is a great choice for a bold, but soothing bedroom color.

Twilight Mist

Valspar’s Twilight Mist is a calming purple that would look wonderful in a child’s bedroom or bathroom. This could also make a living area look warm and inviting, while moving away from some of the traditional colors that have been popular as of late. A

Spring Squash

The last of the Valspar 2019 Colors of the Year is Spring Squash. This dark orange color is bold—for that room that you really want to stand out! It also compliments many other of these colors mentioned as an accent wall if an entire room of this bold color is too much for your taste. You could even add this color in a geometric design on an accent wall if you feel daring and crave a look that is unique.

You can take a closer look at these Valspar colors and others here.

Using this guide, you can find the perfect color for any room in your home. Either hiring a professional to get that perfect look or doing it yourself, these colors are a great choice. Contact us today discuss what we can do to help your painting needs!

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